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Established in 2017, Rodenta Bioserve stands at the forefront of laboratory small animal breeding and contract research



Rodenta Bioserve, a first generation organization established in 2017, is a laboratory small animal breeding & contract research facility as per CPCSEA guidelines. It is located at Genome Valley in Hyderabad, India’s first and largest Life Science manufacturing and R&D cluster. It is home to more than 200 companies with a scientific workforce of about 15000 professional and is rightly know as the “Biotech Hub of India”. Genome Valley, also houses three of India’s largest vaccine manufacturers.

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Rodenta Bioserve, a DCA GLP compliant Contract research facility, is fuelled by interdisciplinary researchers and offer a range of pharmacology &toxicology services to expedite the drug development & preclinical studies including Developmental and reproductive toxicology, TK/PK studies etc., for drugs, vaccines, ayurvedic/herbal drugs, nutraceuticals etc. using OECD and ICH & European Medicines Agency guidelines.


A medical device is “an instrument, apparatus, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or other similar or related articles” that are intended for use in diagnosing and treating diseases and other conditions and hence it’s imperative that they need to be appropriately tested by in vitro and in vivo methods to ensure the safety of these devices before using them in human


The use of agrochemicals is unavoidable in most of the situations (like crop protecting pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers etc). The use of veterinary disinfectants is also very often in most of the developing countries. Use of these agrochemicals lead to unintentional exposure of the environment, animals and human to these agrochemicals causing potential health risks.


Production of drug products in bulk in living organisms like yeast, mammalian cells and bacteria is called Biopharma and is a subset of the pharmaceutical industry and takes advantage of the biotech research.

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Rodenta Bioserve is a first-generation organization established in 2017 with a view to fulfill the In vivo needs of biotech and pharma divisions. In vivo studies/testing in small animal models as a part of medical research and education is sometimes inevitable in the process of new drug discovery/ regular drug testing for human/ veterinary use. However, it is a prime responsibility of every researcher to minimize the pain to animals during this process and provide proper housing and management of animal facilities that are essential to animal well-being. 

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